About Me

Honestly I don’t do much. Just your everyday office worker guy, but I wanna change that so I’m starting with this blog.

Name: Jon Tolentino

Age: 24

Location: Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

Occupation: None / Salesperson sometimes

School: De LaSalle Lipa (Batangas)

What I like to do: eating, slight cooking, watching people cook, slight coding, reading tech and business related stuffs.

What is this for: for tracking or documenting everyday stuffs that interested me. Tracking thing in social media is a pain so I write here.

What else: I’m running a tech/business/entrep/tutorial help kinda blog and news roll. I’m still experimenting on the topic and focus of the website. You can visit it at https://techkalang.com/

Thank you for reading.